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One-Stop Crisis Centre at KEM Hospital


Romila Palliative Care

Supporting patients and families suffering from life-limiting illnesses through facility and home-based care


Our Work

The Romila Palliative Care (RPC) serves as a reassuring centre for patients suffering from life-limiting illnesses.

Romila Palliative Care uses a patient-centric approach to improve the quality of life of patients with life-limiting illnesses. We support families and patients through the life-cycle of an illness, from diagnosis to treatment, and in some unfortunate cases, end-of-life and post-life grievance. The project was conceived by SNEHA founder and trustee Dr. Armida Fernandez and her husband, Dr. Rui Fernandez, who lost their only child Romila to cancer. We have directly supported over 868 patients since the project's inception in February 2017 until March 2020.

Home-based care

We provide free home visits where necessary, to ensure that each patient is comfortable, experiences minimal pain, and is cared for with dignity.

Facility-based care

Trained doctors, nurses, and counsellors at the centre provide both medical and psychological support to patients and families.

Caregiver support

We support families and caregivers with medical, psychosocial and spiritual guidance to cope with their loved ones’ illnesses with greater confidence.

Palliative care network

SNEHA is leading a network of palliative care providers to work with the National Health Mission across public health facilities in Maharashtra.

For questions about the Romila Palliative Care, please email Pouruchisti Wadia at pouru.wadia@snehamumbai.org
or call +91 90290 06333 / 72080 06333 / 86574 62970.

Reach and Impact


patients have been provided
palliative care
(until March 2020)


caregivers have been supported
(until March 2020)


stakeholders trained
(until March 2020)


home visits conducted
(until March 2020)


"Whatever I needed was given. May God have more centers, I even thanked God for my illness because I felt recognized as a person. Even relatives do not care for me the way you do."

"I have no words to express. Your service was God sent at a very difficult time. God bless all of you."

"Your services are first class, need such kind of supportive organizations with such wonderful people."

"Caring team, sensitive approach and calming effect, felt well looked after."

"RPC this name I won’t forget in my whole life for the help, support and the environment given by them. Always ready to help and calm while providing advice and suggestions."

"I felt so good, even relatives don’t care for me as the centre personnel. They assured me that whenever I needed them I could call."

"Regular phone calls. Happy that someone is asking about us and cares. In today’s world, who cares this way?"

"Always available. Patient to hear out every nuance of the symptoms. Caring and supportive. Eager to help. Always smiling. This is almost like home to me."

"Prompt service, attended whenever required, where we didn’t have the strength to go on you provided us with courage."

Notes from the field:
Lending a hand

Patients suffering from life-limiting illnesses require both physical and emotional support. Caregivers also need support, as they may feel emotionally unequipped to cope with such challenging situations. We work with families to make sure that patients receive comprehensive care, and that caregivers receive technical as well as emotional support.

Mrs. Ruby* first visited Romila Palliative Care (RPC) while she was undergoing her first chemotherapy. She was very insecure, troubled and feared for her two children, who were mentally challenged at varying levels, and confided in our counsellor about her family dynamics. The counsellor discussed possible options that Ruby could opt for and also counselled both her children on departing from their loving mother. Its was Ruby's wish that her son be put into a home.

The team encouraged her to get admitted at Shanti Avedna hospice where she had a peaceful death two months after visiting RPC. 

During one of the bereavement counselling sessions the team realised that Ruby's daughter was burnt out taking care of her brother. She received regular counselling at RPC. After continuous follow up meetings with their relatives and exploring various NGOs, the counsellor finally found a home in Goa where Ruby's son was admitted in a couple of months. The team was happy to fulfil the last wishes of the patient.

*Name changed


Cipla Foundation

United Way Mumbai