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Nurse Aide Programme

Providing nurse training to young women to serve as assistants in health facilities


Our Work

The Nurse Aide Programme is an 8-month long course that trains young women to become nurse aides in private hospitals, nursing homes, and maternity homes. Through the course, SNEHA seeks to offer employment opportunities for aspiring nurse-aides and also address a system-wide demand for health care workers. To date, more than 700 nurse aides have been trained.

Teaching modules

We offer theoretical and practical teaching sessions on nursing and medicine, covering systemic care, pediatrics, gynecology and surgery.

Exposure visits and soft skills training

We facilitate nurse aides’ transition to working life by providing exposure to real health care environments and softer skills required of nurse-aides

Job and internship placements

We collaborate with hospitals, nursing homes and other employers to help nurse aides find job opportunities.

Watch this video to hear our nurse aides’ stories.

Reach and Impact


of our graduates are still serving as assistants in hospitals


nurse-aides have been trained to date


of students placed in private hospitals & nursing homes

Notes from the field:
A nurse’s determination

When we started our Nurse Aide programme, we aimed not only to meet a demand for health workers, but also to address unemployment among young women. Various social and emotional challenges arise in the path to employment, and our counsellors work with our nurse aides to support them through these challenges.

Jayashree*, 29, felt the need for affordable nursing services when her father was recovering from an illness. Since then, she aspired to be a nurse aide.

She enrolled in SNEHA’s free nurse aide training programme. The programme focussed on medical and nursing skills, English language and computer literacy and other soft skills. This helped Jayashree read prescriptions and communicate better with physicians and other professionals. Apart from developing her core skills, this comprehensive training also boosted her confidence.

SNEHA’s team made sure that Jayashree did not drop out due to the hectic work hours and long commutes. Today, Jayashree is a proud nurse aide.

“The sense of achievement makes the hard work worthwhile,” she says.

*Name changed


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