Stories of Change


Heet Ki Jeet

Heet hails from a Gujarati Family settled in Dharavi, Mumbai for the past 10 years. Heet was a low birth weight baby and comes from a very economically poor family. Heet's father is a tailor and occasionally gets work. His mother is a house wife. Hansa, Heet's mother got married when she was 18 years of age and delivered her first baby at the age of 1 year Heet is the second child. Heet was admitted to our centre when he was 18 months of age and was severely underweight with repeated infections. When Heet was admitted to the centre, his mother was very worried about Heet falling prey to repeated infections and his stagnant growth. Heet had many problems adjusting to the DCC environment and mingling on with other kids in the centre of same age. Heet stayed in a joint family with one of the family member suffering from TB. He also showed delayed milestones and was not speaking full sentences and uttered only simple and small words. He also kept getting continuous boils, rashes and fungal infections. Even after a month's stay in DCC Heet was not gaining weight and so Program officer did a home visit and discussed at length about Heet's health and infections with his family members. During the course of the discussion they also shared that Heet often banged his head and seemed to enjoy it. As part of our visit we referred him to psychiatric ward of Sion hospital and immediately his treatment was started. Heet was also referred to Sion hospital for Mantoux test to negate tuberculosis. Test for TB came to be negative, but doctors advised to double his micro nutrients content which we give through ICDS. Our Hon Paediatrician screened him during all the visits and his infections were also identified earlier. He earlier used to eat lots of outside food, but slowly with our interventions it reduced. Immunization and prophylaxis was incomplete which was provided by bringing them to Health post. We employed his mother to prepare tea for our Day Care Centre Staff and that brought a behaviour change. There had been a weight gain recorded from 8 Kg to 10.500 Kg. And after 6 months he has graduated into normal weight category. His family and mother are very happy with his growth. He was followed up for 6 months after discharge from the centre and he is doing well.