Stories of Change


Life Saving Relationships...

Anxious, 23-year old ‘Shabana,’ pregnant for the first time, reported with labor pain to a municipal maternity home at 5.00pm on a rainy Thursday.

The doctors and nurses had just finished their training and scrambled back to their places of work. Shabana complained to the nurse that she was having a lot of pain and was continuously passing uterine water and blood. The nurse assured her, made her lie on the labor table, and examined her. To her dismay, the nurse found all the signs of Shabana’s unborn baby in distress for life. Shabana had already lost a lot of uterine water; the unborn baby in distress was contaminating this water and so running further risks for hindered breathing. The nurse summoned the doctor immediately.

The doctor found herself in a complicated situation, as Shabana was in advance labor and therefore it was risky to transfer her to a major hospital where advance intensive care facilities for the baby would be available. However, she did not want to run the risk of a sick baby arriving on the way to the major hospital. The doctor suddenly remembered the good rapport that she had developed during the training program with the consultants of the same major hospital. It was then a smooth run as she followed all the instructions the consultants gave for managing the precarious baby.

The little baby, Rehana, arrived healthy, pink and crying well – who otherwise would have come into this world gasping for breath, blue, listless and nearly dying.

The doctors and nurses of the maternity home were grateful for the training program as it gave them somebody with knowledge and experience to lean on in times of crisis and to help them save the lives of such Shabanas and Rehanas.