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Successful Public-Private Partnership

Health posts are to provide primary health care services to urban poor in the city of Mumbai. The health programs conducted through health posts are mainly of preventive and promotive nature. The infrastructure conditions of these health posts as of today are not sufficient to run these services unless they are assessed and upgraded to a standard level and those requirements vary by health post.

The SNEHA team contacted Inner Wheel club with an appeal to provide financial help for upgrading health posts. SNEHA’s emphasis that health posts have a huge potential for catering to the health needs of the urban poor, triggered interest in the Inner Wheel club Bombay North Island zonal president to upgrade her local health post, namely the Government Colony from H/E ward.

The Government Colony health post has 14,000 children receiving polio dose and the population is more than 2 lakhs. After the July 26, 2005 floods, Inner Wheel collected money and resources for affected people, but they also used the money for upgrading the health post.

Inner Wheel members first met Dr. Deepali (Full Time Medical Officer) and visited the area. They saw the condition of the health post and the population it covered. Dr. Deepali said the gynecology OPD is a major need for them; there was also no furniture or fans and windows were broken. Inner Wheel met the Deputy Executive Health Officer along with SNEHA staff in what was an encouraging meeting. The Inner Wheel President spoke to a contractor, took estimations, and appealed to her club members to donate money. They also organized a charity show for raising funds. A total of 42 Inner Wheel members currently staying in the area helped generously for fundraising. Repairing work of approximately Rs. 47,700 was completed. The Club also donated equipments like a sterilizer, stethoscope, baby weighing scale, etc. The total amount spent on this health post was Rs. 690,175.