Stories of Change


Breastfeeding Anxieties

The SNEHA Community Organiser  met Vaishali, a 25 year old  who was 4 months pregnant. Vaishali lived with her husband and her first born who is one  and a half years old.

When the Community Organiser identified Vaishali she had not registered her pregnancy in any health facility. The Community Organiser helped Vaishali register herself in the maternity home. In the course of  a conversation with she confided in the community organiser that she had trouble breastfeeding her first child due to small inverted nipples.

The Community Organiser advised her to relax and to massage her breasts regularly and gently in order to prepare for the impending pregnancy.

The baby delivered by Caesarean Section 4 months later was a healthy baby weighing 4 kgs and Vaishali was able to  successfully breastfeed the baby.

A small effective intervention  by the community organiser had helped a baby and a mother to bond and to benefit from breast milk.