Stories of Change


Short and Sweet

Sushila (name changed) is a 40 years old woman lives in Jyotinagar slum area with her husband, grandmother and her two year old mentally challenged son. She is a domestic help by profession.

While doing community survey, SNEHA’s Community Organizer (CO) met Sushila, who was 5 months pregnant but had not disclosed this information to anyone in the family. She is very short and measures only 3 feet. Sushila’s neighbor informed the SNEHA  CO about her pregnancy.

She was advised to undergo abortion by her sister-in-law and some other women as they thought her next child will also be mentally challenged. This time, she really wanted to keep this pregnancy and was hoping to have a normal child.

CO met her sister-in-law along with Sushila and explained to them the risk of abortion in 5th month.She persuaded them to register her pregnancy and receive antenatal checkups and go for sonography. When CO found it difficult to convince them, she sought help of other SNEHA COs working in nearby area. Finally, Sushila visited Shashtrinagar hospital along with her sister-in-law, registered herself and also went for sonography. Looking at the Sonography report, doctors at Shashtrinagar hospital informed her that the child is going to be perfectly normal. But, since her height is less than 4 feet, she was referred to KEM hospital for her delivery. At KEM hospital, she delivered a healthy and normal 2.59Kg male child.  SNEHA had saved yet another life.