Stories of Change


Breaking the silence

Reena, (name changed) 6 years old was sexually abused by her neighbor in April 2013. Her mother was threatened that if she shares this information they will make sure they will be asked to leave the place and no one will believe them.  For one year Reena’s mother lived under this threat and did not share this information to anyone. They were living under continuous threat and anxiety. One year later, her  mother revealed this information to the Doctor from the  Orthopedic Department and she was immediately referred for further intervention at SNEHA’s crisis counseling center. Trauma Counseling and Family counseling was provided in this case with the help of counselor and clinical psychologist. Trust and assurance of confidentiality and safety were ensured. With the help of Child Welfare Committee, under POCSO Act, 2012 an F.I.R was immediately registered and accused was immediately arrested.

Charge sheet has been filed in this case and presented in the court. Reena’s statement has been recorded in the court.

SNEHA is now following up with her legal case and provides regular counseling to her and her family members. Our counselors are also doing the procedures to register her case in the Manodhariya scheme.