Stories of Change


Planning For The Future

Ruksana, 24, is married and has 3 children. Her youngest child is 6 months old. She was visited by our peer educator Kiran who motivated her to adopt a method of family planning. Ruksana was willing but before she could act on her desire she conceived again. In the group meeting she is a member of, our community organiser advised her to consider an abortion and gave her a list of places she could go to. On subsequent visits to Ruksana's home our peer educator Kiran learnt that she does not have any family support and cannot go alone to the hospital. Kiran accompanied her, ensured a safe abortion and also convinced her to get a 10 year Copper T inserted to prevent future pregnancies. Ruksana and her husband are very relieved and have shared this story with many others in the community. Ruksana shared this in her women's group and motivated another member to opt for an IUD.