SNEHA Shakti

SNEHA's Swasthya Sevika initiative was started by SNEHA in 2004.

19 batches have successfully completed and 469 Swasthya Sevika trained/under training from the SNEHA Nurse Aide Centre at Santacruz. SNEHA has since added 2 new centres. One in Govandi and the other in Kandivali. The Govandi centre was started in Aug 2013. The present batch, academic year (July 2014 - June 2015) has 75 students. The Kandivali Centre that was started in Aug, 2014 has 31 students.

The majority of the graduates are employed in hospitals and Nursing homes.

Their lives have been changed as they make forays into a career and stand on their feet.

SNEHA's SwasthyaSevika initiative was started by SNEHA in 2004 and until now 17 batches have successfully completed and 300 SwasthyaSevika trained from SNEHA premises at Santacruz. The majority of them are employed.

We keep abreast of current trends and practices of Nurse - aides through our network of doctors and nurses at hospitals and nursing homes. The learnings have prompted SNEHA to introduce basic computer classes and English speaking classes for the batches at Santa Cruz thereby making the course more holistic in nature.


  • 519 Physiotherapy patients have been treated by our in house Physiotherapist.
  • 1759 patients have benefited from our walk in 'Out Patient Department' Services.
  • 1184 Pathology screenings have been done this year upto April 1st 2013. Our pathology services are now supported by the CSR of Metropolis Laboratories.
  • Heart Patients - The Heart to Heart Foundation started in memory of Dr. Neetu Mandke supports surgeries for children below 15yrs and through the generous funds from the foundation has helped many hearts get a fresh lease of life. This year to date we have supported 23 children.

'Quiltessentially SNEHA'

Quiltessentially SNEHA project was conceptualised and initiated in October 2009. The project aims to teach women from the adjoining slums a variety of skills and also providethem with gainful employment.

It was started as a pilot project since SNEHA strongly advocates financial independence as an ideal way to empower women. Thus far,the project has primarily depended on fabric donations from well wishers coupled with creative inputs from the Project Director. It involves educating the women in the basics of stitching and use of sewing machines. The flagship products are silk and cotton patchwork quilts and have been diversified to bags, table linen, cushion covers, curtains etc in order to use all the material optimally. The patchwork quilts are in unique designs such that no two quilts are similar. The patchwork also symbolizes what SNEHA stands for i.e weaving together of lives and communities in the areas we serve. The products are sold from the site as well as through sales at corporate houses.

Quiltessentially Your's is SNEHA's Livelihood program that empowers women to strengthen their pivotal position in the family. It helps to enhance their self esteem by teaching them to stitch and make different patchwork products such as quilt, bags, rugs, home linen etc. We have showcased and sold at Sparsh, Radiocity, Edelweiss, Cymroza Art Gallery , Sanofi, Rabo bank, , Indikaleido, Indo - German,Saldanha Million Race at the Mahalaxmi Race Course , Cathedral School, Kala Ghoda, Rock For a cause,Kinnari Cultural Centre, Tote on the Turf, Art Mart, Oberoi International School, Ecole Mondiale School to name a few.

Our products are appreciated by overseas clientele too. One of our interns from UK remarked "Wish our baggage allowance was more. Would have bought the whole stock. The colours are so dignified".