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SNEHUDYAN - an initiative aimed at sensitizing and greening the environs of SNEHA

Date : 28 Feb 2012
Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?

Today was the first day of gardening…All of us gathered on a sunny friday morning with a spring in our step and a hope in our heart that the thumbs we bore were GREEN.

The enclosure was ready … draped with memories of sarees and dupattas from family and friends…ready to shower gentle light on the shy plants...just enough to caress and nurture…`

The first step was to mix the mud and the vermicompost made by industrious earthworms. Crumbling mud and compost to make a home for the little saplings we wanted to adopt and grow.

The pots were large and earthenware and some were straw baskets. We lined them with gunny cloth and filter paper to allow the plant to breathe and the water to percolate.

Then we upturned bushels of mud into these willing receptacles .Next was the transplant.Disengaging the plants from the small plastic bags and to carefully transplant them into the new mud

This part required careful handling. The plants needed to be treated with love and care as they were being separated from the mud they clung to.This can be quite traumatic for the plant. Akin to tearing a baby away from its cocoon… We paid special attention to ensure the new home was snug and secure spreading a layer of mulch of withered leaves to provide safe cushioning.

Next was the holy water sprinkling… the elixir to quench their thirst…. a water decoction made from gobar, jaggery and cow urine all diluted to give the tonic to our plants.

Then we stuck in an ice-cream stick...to allow for identification. Chillies, Palak and Parsley …a little bit of dill, some mint and cucumber to climb tall and a smattering of bitter gourd….. Some bitter some sweet....So many….shades of green….And a red tomato or two.

Then some rushing about to separate the shade lovers and the ones with a sunny temperament….some extroverts …some introverts….

The garden is now ready…. the plants will wilt..Some will die..Some will fight to emerge from the mud….some will stand tall….some will need support….some will climb and some will crawl..

Our sweet garden will attract butterflies and bees….and the sweet pollinate will spread far and wide…it will bear the sun and the rain and the cool breezes….and the fragrance of our garden will a carry afar..