Event Details

DEKHA ANDEKHA- Conversations about Art and Health in Urban India

Date : 20 Feb 2012
Dekha Andekha is an initiative by SNEHA to engage and encourage the city's urban poor to creatively talk about public health concerns. This project, which also includes photography and ceramic-making, aims to get the city's urban poor to engage with others through the medium of art, and engage in conversations about health and hygiene 

The blog dekhaundekha.wordpress.com captures the project details. 

Midday carried a piece on this unique project. You can read it at www.mid-day.com/news/2011/nov/131111-How-many-people-does-a-woman-sleep-with.htm 

The first major event under the Dekha Andekha project is an exhibition at a space in Dharavi, Mumbai's most well-known slum. The main feature of the exhibition will be a representation of a home interior in which all the furniture and household goods will be manifestations of women's health concerns. Visitors will be able to examine the features of the 'room' close-up. The exhibition will be de- and re-mountable and could travel to conferences, other cities in India and overseas. 

The opening exhibit is slated for the 20th of February 2012 at Dharavi.